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Raining Love at the Falls: Casey & Britney

Raining Love at the Falls: Casey & Britney

From afar, Casey & Britney's wedding day near the falls was a typical day in Hilo, Hawai'i. But closer up? It was a beautiful day that was overflowing with love and joy.

To sum it up in a few short words? Intimate, joyful, and… not to mention, wet. However, their love for each other and the love that surrounded them on their special day outshone any bad weather! Casey and Britney didn’t mind the scattered showers at all. In fact, Britney mentioned that her favorite part of the day was taking their portraits right after the ceremony! She explained that she felt at peace the entire time and was able to enjoy those moments, rain and all. (I know I’ve said it a million times before, but… I have the BEST clients!)

These two have a true, real, meant- to- be love story. It started when they were in just the 8th grade! They shared fond memories with me of walking to the Hilo Lanes bowling alley (which no longer exists) and bowling together in the summer before high school. Their bond grew deeper and they stayed together throughout most of their high school careers before going their separate ways in college while still maintaining a friendship. Then in 2015, they picked up exactly where they left off. Britney described that even though they had both changed and matured throughout their years apart, the relationship still felt so familiar and right.

As I mentioned, their ceremony was incredibly intimate, just family and close friends that are like family to them. Casey’s brother was the best man, Britney’s brother was a groomsman. Britney had her two best friends in the entire world standing beside her. And the icing on the cake? Casey’s precious daughter Chloe was their flower girl. I have such a soft spot for step parents and the love that goes into being a fully present one. Some people may not know this, but my dad is actually my step father. And although we are not biologically related, he has loved me like his own for my entire life. He didn’t have to love me. He didn’t have to raise me like his own. He chose to. I can see this same love in Britney and know that she is going to be the best step mother to little Chloe!

Okay, and now… can we just talk about Britney’s DRESS?! When I asked her about it, she said that it was love at first sight; and although it was a little out of her original price range, she knew it was the one! She worked her butt off in order to get it, and I will say that it was SO worth it. You only get ONE wedding day am I right ladies? I’m 100% sure that Britney would’ve been stunning in any dress she would’ve chosen, but in the short time I’ve known her, I’d say that this dress by Vera Wang screamed “Britney”. Elegant, classy, fun, and of course, beautiful.

(PS if you’re wondering, it’s from David’s Bridal!)

Although small, there was an overwhelming overflow of love on this day by the waterfall. Casey & Britney are so in love and surrounded by amazing people who love them as well. I am so grateful that I was able to capture such a special day for them!

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