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What's in My Bag! (Camera bag & personal bag!)

What's in My Bag! (Camera bag & personal bag!)

I have no idea where it came from or how it started, but I've noticed that it's a trend to show and tell people what lies within the black holes that are our purses. I don't quite understand it, but I'm intrigued! Maybe I'm a nosey Nancy, but I LOVE this kind of thing! So, here I am. Sharing the contents of my bags with you.

I'm not gonna lie, I am THE bag lady on a day- to- day basis. I carry three bags with me into my studio every day.

My Personal bag

I always carry two tote bags: one for my work things, and one for my personal things. I'm going to preface this with this: yes, the bags that I use are of very nice quality and the photos I included showcase the branding. I am in NO way, shape or form bragging about the things I have, and do not believe that you NEED a designer purse. I personally just like to invest in things that will last me a very long time if I am able.

My "work" bag : fits my laptop perfectly (in a padded pocket, might I add) with plenty of room to spare!

My "work" bag : fits my laptop perfectly (in a padded pocket, might I add) with plenty of room to spare!

My "personal" purse

My "personal" purse


"Work" Bag:

A metal water bottle, but NOT a Hydroflask. I actually prefer my water to be room temperature, as strange as that sounds! (Don't tell my daughter, but I've claimed her water bottle) Sometimes I like to bring snacks to munch on like baby carrots, but recently my lunches have been green smoothies! (If you have any suggestions for lower carb, easy, packable lunches, I'm all ears! Really, shoot me an email! Please.) I'm not gonna lie, we often walk to the grocery store down the block to get something crunchy in the afternoon, but as for my green smoothie, my favorite, no nonsense, taste-good-feel-good recipe is:

  • Spinach or Kale: a few handfuls
  • Almond Milk: 1 cup
  • Spirulina: 1 tsp
  • Ground Flax Seed: 1 tsp
  • Hemp Hearts: 1 tsp
  • Chia Seeds: 1 tsp
  • Collagen Peptides: 1 tsp
  • 1/2 a frozen banana

Add alllllll the ingredients together except for the banana and blend it up until it's smooth. Then add the banana and blend it again! I think this smoothie is so tasty and so good for you! I will say that it is not very sweet, but very good nonetheless.

Of course, I always carry my laptop and a card reader with me for editing!

My Purse:

The essentials (wallet, keys, feminine products, the usual).

3 journals: I'm obsessed with journaling!

In my gratitude journal, I write EVERYTHING I'm grateful for, down to the cool breeze on a hot day.

In my to- do journal, I write down -you guessed it- everything that needs to be done on any particular day. Designing photo booth templates, editing photos, tax stuff. All that fun stuff.

I also carry my client meeting journal. I keep all of my notes from client meetings in it, this way I can fully customize their experience and refer back to them when making preparations.

A good book:

If you know me, you know I'm a total book hoarder. I have a stack of new reads on my bookshelf at all times. I love anything business related as well as mindfulness and mindset advice. At the moment, I'm reading "The Four Agreements." I will say that as a Christian, I need to take some things that it says with a grain of salt, knowing and standing firm in what I believe. However, its core principles are AMAZING! I'm not even finished with it yet, but I think it is a phenomenal read. Let me know what you're reading right now so I can add it to my stash!

Iphone Charger: Because... come on.


I love Lara Bars. They taste like dessert but have NO added sugars! The sweetness comes from dates :) I also make sure I have a pack of gum on me at all times- no one wants to talk to someone with stinky breath, let alone hire them to photograph their wedding- it's distracting to say the least. With all the vog from our volcano lately, it's been said that Rolaids helps combat the effects of the CO2 in the air.

    My Camera bag

    I love my camera bag. I wish I could say that it's a fancy, top-of-the-line, leather piece of art, but to be honest, it's a cheaper China-made camera bag that I found on Amazon. It's always been faithful to me and I intend to remain faithful to it! (At least for a while) If you like it, you can snag one for yourself here!

    Camera Gear:

    In it, I usually keep my 5D Mark III (surprise, surprise) along with a couple my favorite lenses. My all time favorite portrait lens is the 50mm f/1.2. That being said, I ALWAYS have that one with me. I'm a prime lens kinda gal, but I always make sure to bring a zoom lens just in case. (Usually my 70-200. "Gigantor" as my intern named it)

    Depending on what type of session I am shooting, the lenses I carry are subject to change. I try to bring my camera into the studio with me every day, regardless of whether or not I have a session scheduled that day, just in case I have some time to get creative! :) I highly recommend it.

    Camera Bag Essentials
    Anyone else pose with their camera like it's a small dog? No? Just me?

    Anyone else pose with their camera like it's a small dog? No? Just me?

    Canon Camera Bag
    Lens pen

    Lens Pen: I absolutely can't live without my lens pen! On one side of the pen, there is a retractable brush for me to get rid of any dust, and on the other side is a tip with fabric to wipe away smudges!

    Lens Wipes: Finger prints and dust are huge no-no on wedding days especially. That being said, one can never be too careful.

    Mounting Putty:  I nicknamed this my "gum", because its consistency is much like a halfway hardened piece of chewing gum. It's amazing for photographing wedding rings! It allows me to "stand" the rings up so that I can capture their detail and shape.

    Spare Battery: My camera works hard for me! I always keep at least one extra battery just in case the one in my camera gets pooped.

    Fishing Lights: One of my friends/second shooters Russel recommended these to me, and let me tell you, these babies make rings sparkle like no other! I picked them up at our local fishing supply store! Normally, either I or my second shooter will hold these at juuuusst the right angle to make those rings sparkle for the shot!

    Business Cards: Because you never know who may ask!

    Lens Cloth: I think this one is self explanatory ;)


    That about sums it up! I left out a few things that are subject to change, but included everything that I ALWAYS keep in rotation! Thank you for reading this different type of post- let me know if you liked it! And if you didn't... don't worry, I've got some more pretty images to share coming up!

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